Nico, Violet & Bella >>>

Not to brag or anything (okay, Im totally bragging)... but I think I have the cutest pets in the whole wide world.  Who's with me???  For those of you who are newer to the blog, let me introduce you...

This is Nico.  Our tiny little feathered friend who is so beautifully colored.  He has his own ipod (okay, its really our alarm clock, but during the day its his) and he comes alive when Paul McCartney comes on.  He also really loves a song from Ren & Stimpy (I was completely obsessed with that show when I was little).  He loves to french kiss himself in the mirror.  And he loves when I fold laundry on the bed, we just talk the whole time.  He is quite the silly little guy.  And every once in a while he sheds the most beautiful tri-colored feathers that I use in my feather in a bottle necklaces! 

This is Violet.  Sometimes I can hardly even call her a dog.  She is soooo sweet natured and such a silly love bug.  She loves to chase squirrels.  She loves carpet and rolls all around on it, rubbing her head into the ground and scratching her paws all over it like a crazy girl.  She loves car rides and sticking her head out the window to feel the breeze.  And she loves to eat feathers.  And cat poop.  But she is soooo cute, you just really cant get mad at her.  She gets really cuddly right before bed.  Oh, and she is very scared of storms.

This is Bella.  And as her name says, she is beautiful.  Her eyes look like she is wearing eyeliner.  She is lazy, and a bit wheezy.  She is a mommas girl and follows me around everywhere.  She randomly flops herself on the ground with a loud cat moan and looks up at your to rub her belly.  She steals my water our of my cups.  She loves to lay on top of things out of place.  She loves to roll around in the dirt.  She gets super playful right before bed.  And she has the cutest kitty breath ever (kind of gross i know, but i love it).