Wye Oak + good friends >>>

Today is all about work - work - work!  But, I had to stop and eat lunch, so I thought post a little blog real quick while I do.  Last night we snuck off to Austin for a semi-impromptu visit with our rekindled friend Robin and went to watch Wye Oak play at the Parish.  Her adorable cousin works the lights there so we got in all VIP style, we felt suave.  It was a great show and watching her cousin doing the lighting was almost more awesome than watching the band - she does amazingly cool stuff.  We ate at our new favorite restaurant in Austin, Bouldin Creek Cafe, where our friend Katelyn took us last time she visited Texas.  And it just so happened to be two blocks up from Robin's house.  She goes there every morning for coffee!  So we walked to get some yummy vegan food before the show and had good conversation.  It was a great night.  We got home around 3:30, which is super late for us old farts.  So today Im doing the best I can to keep myself on track.  Only a few days left before I unveil this big exciting project Im working on... So, I should get back to it!  But, before I do, look at Violet's hilarious face I caught on film in the photo below!  Is that not so funny???

 James was so cute last night talking about how close we were to the capital (neither of us have been in it before)...  6th street was bustling when we got out of the show.  Its been so long since Ive been to a show right on 6th street I forgot how crazy it gets down there.  For only being 2 hours away, it is soooo different than where I live.  I love it. 

 Time to get back to it.  It feels like there is so much going on this week.  Im having to remind myself to breath and relax to get through it all.  One thing at a time... I. Can. Do. It.