Thanksgiving Threads >>>

Ever since I got my big chunky black glasses that many of you have seen, Ive been a bit obsessed with glasses.  I used to hate to wear my glasses, I always felt silly.  But since I have found some more stylish ones that seem more me, I love them!  I just received these beautiful prescription glasses c/o  I love love love them.  I adore the brown color with the light blue inside.  I chose this style.  The iSee collection is my favorite.  If you are in the market to buy glasses, Id recommend them!  This weekend is the time to shop if you are really needing some, they are having a 50% off sale of their entire collection of glasses!  But if you are not quite ready, after this weekend you can still get some good deals.  You can get 20% off any of the iSee collection, plus free shipping by using the code iSee20FS.  Or you can get 10% off any other order at anytime by using the code Blog10.  You can also follow their facebook and twitter feeds to find out when the stellar deals are!!  The coolest part is that you can use their virtual mirror to try on eyeglasses before you buy them to see if youll like they way you look in them.  But no worries if you dont because they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy.  They also have a refer a friend program where you get $30 for each new friend that buys a pair!  Ummm.... that alot of different ways to save!  So... if you decide to get some, follow the 'refer a friend' link and you should get $30 off your first pair!!

I wore my new glasses for the first time yesterday for Thanksgiving.  We went to my Nanna's house for our traditional holiday affair.  It was such a nice time.  Everyone seemed to be in a good place.  The food was good as always.  I broke out my bottle of homeade strawberry hooch that James best friend gave me as a house warming party.  Can you tell Ive been hoarding it???  We sat out on the porch as the sun went down and listened to two of my uncles play the guitar and sing.  Delightful.  And the best part, as always was seeing my little nephew run around with a big smile on his face.  

I went super comfy in my maxi skirt and favorite Neil Young tshirt, my thrifted worn in mocs, a stretchy belt, a single chain earring, and I wore my double bird ring that reminds me of my parents. 

I actually successfully curled my hair yesterday!  Everytime I try to curl my hair it ends up either just looking awful or it wont stay curled.  I was so happy with the way it came out!  And it even still looks a bit curled today after sleeping on it!!!  Success!

One of my favorite parts of yesterday's outfit was my Nanoukiko braided ombre bracelet.  I am so much in love with this bracelet its ridiculous!  I cant get enough of this lovely lady.  Her work is so beautiful!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving this year?  What was your favorite part - besides the food?