The times are a changin' >>>

Good Morning!  Thank you so much to everyone who left such thoughtful feedback on my baby post.  I was pretty amazed at how many people came out and talked about their personal experiences here on the blog and on my facebook.  Thank you!  I know that all of my fears are valid, and also normal.  Some are a bit extreme, but only b/c of the circumstances Ive had to face so far in life with losing loved ones.  I am currently undergoing some major changes in my core being, which have really been validated through my personal readings with Julie.  Im quite impressed with her soul work and I feel like its starting me on a much needed journey of healing and truly loving myself.  As I work through some things I may share.  Alot of it is very personal work, so Ill most likely keep alot to myself, but as I feel I can, Ill share so that maybe you too can learn from it too.  We are all here to learn from each other as we walk this path of life.  There are so many different twists and turns we can take... people we can run to and people we can run away from... same goes for situations.  And the wonderful part is that it is all our choice.  We have the choice each morning when we wake up to decide what we are going to do (for the most part, besides your core needs, jobs and children, etc)... But you get the point.  I think so many people just ride lifes current and live.  But to truly live, I think you have to make some pretty hard choices and climb some pretty big mountains.  And the people you meet along the way are some of the most important parts.  Its not only through nature and god that we connect, but through others, even the ones that walk away from us.  There is something to be learned in it all.  And honestly, some of the people who have walked out of my life, although it hurt tremendously, it grew the biggest, most beautiful trees in my heart.  Sort of like pulling weeds out of your garden that you didnt realize were choking out the prettiest plants from blooming.  Then one day you turn around and realize a tree you never even knew existed has come into full bloom.  Get it???  Anyway, I have alot going on emotionally behind the scenes, and I dont forsee this as a 'weekend get away' kind of healing, but a life altering slow growing kind of healing.  

Yesterday we went to visit my family in the city.  They had just gotten back from a trip to Savannah Georgia and I was ancy to see everyone.  We had spagetti dinner at my nanna's, which I always eat wayyyy to much of b/c its sooooo good.  Then chocolate mousse pie!  My nanna sure knows how to fatten you up!  I always love eating at her house.  I got to play with my nephew Aiden, which doesnt happen often enough.  It was so much fun.  I got him a little airplane toy and he played with it the whole time we were there, it made my heart happy.  It was so nice to see my family.  And in just two weeks I get to see them again for Thanksgiving!!!

I think my outfit yesterday was one of my favorites.  So so comfy but still so me.  The necklace is one that will be coming to the shop soon.  I have lots of new goodies made, just havent had time to post them yet.  (and didnt James just look adorable???)

Side note:  I love butter beans.  Anyone else with me?  My mom always made them.  I hated them when I was younger, but grew to love them since she made them so often.  Now I eat them just to think of her and smile.  And it works!  And.... you know those beautiful solid colored bowls that they sell at Anthropologie???  Well, Ive been wanting to collect them for years now, but I can never bring myself to spend that much on a bowl.  When me and Shelley went shopping the other day, they had this teal color on sale for $2!!!!  So I got the first bowl in my collection!  Ill slowly collect them as I can.