Bella gets a TeePee >>>

 Yesterday afternoon I got a spark.  I made a split decision to get out of my pjs, put on my workout clothes and tennies, open my windows and turn up Bob Marley, grab my hula hoop and go outside.  I hooped for a while, then I ran laps around my backyard.  Then I rearranged everything in my backyard.  Then I came in and ran across these dowels in the garage I had set aside for making Bella a teepee.  I put together a quick makeshift teepee for her.  Staci, your beautiful shawl has already come in handy!  Ha ha!  I caught Bella making lots of funny faces too :)  Im not sure she loves it as much as I do, which I figured would be the case, but thats okay.

 I also took her binky I made her off of her bed to clean it.  She gets it caked with fur!  I decided to just keep out on the floor for her to play on instead. 

 A few weeks ago James hung her play toy off the back of the couch and she freakin loves it there!  Weve had this thing for years and she never really paid much attention to it.  Now we here the little mousey chirping several times a day from her laying there hitting it.  Its precious.  She is probably the laziest player Ive ever seen.  She always lays on her side and just bats at things, she is so funny!

I just had to share these few precious moments with our baby girl.  As I type this she is laying next me with her legs trying to stretch over the keyboard.