Christmas Moments >>>

 These are just some random photos of christmas taken from my phone.  Of course, I brought my real camera and did not use it at all.  All of the pics I took of the family opening gifts and such came out blurry, boo.  And James and I decided to do ours unexpectedly so I didnt take pics like I usually do.  Ah well, I at least enjoyed the moment!  Bella of course joined us in the unwrapping :)  And I always love James little notes he puts on my packages, so adorable.

These below were all at my Nanna's house, where we gather every year as a family.  The only two people I got clear pics of were my cousin Emily and my nephew Aiden, being silly sitting in a plastic bucket.  He had more fun with the empty bucket then he did the lincoln logs inside the bucket!  So so precious.

 My sweet nephew Aiden was the biggest highlight of my christmas.  I love him so much.