Scrabble Wars >>>

We finally broke out the scrabble board in our new house for the first time the other night.  I cant believe it took us this long, but now its on!  We take our scrabble playing very serious in this house!  My cousin bought us this portable board a few years ago and its just about one of the best gifts Ive ever received.  For our first game in the house, James won!  He is so cute when he wins (which by the way this was only the 2nd time he has won - muah ha ha!!! - sorry babe, had to rub it in)  He does a little dance, and doesnt stop grinning the whole night long.  He sings songs about being the scrabble king.  He is adorably victorious.  But let me tell you, when he loses, he is a soar loser.  He is all mopey, its so funny!  So we duked it out the next night, and I won.  It was an intense game too!  *If you are to play scrabble on a cold winter night - hot chocolate is a must*

Bella always plays with us.  She went from being the score keeper to trying to play herself :)

Here it is James, for the record, you beat me by one point!!!