Official Roots and Feathers website >>>

I am so so so excited to announce the launch of the official Roots and Feathers website!  This kind of happened on a whim!  I was browsing etsy this morning and came across an article for CraftLaunch, a hosting site partnered with etsy.  I have always wanted to open up my own webspace with all of our goodness in one place, but was worried about having stuff listed in two places, and being able to keep up with what is in stock at all times.  This site takes that worry out of the picture.  It links directly to your etsy shop, automatically sets up your categories for you just like you have them in your shop, and when someone wants to purchase something, it directs them to your etsy checkout, so in the end, its all the same!  Im thrilled to have a home for my shop, blog and everything else, like Violet Bella, Skyline Fever, my photograph and even my lookbook, oh and my facebook, twitter and pinterest!  This is your one stop shop for all of our work!!!  EEEKKKKK!!!!  (be sure to bookmark this new site)

In other news, a local shop I sell my work in, Corabell's, wrote up a very sweet blog post about my work.  You should check it out and thank her :)