Threads - Date Night with my Bestie >>>

Last night I went out with my bestie for a girls night out.  I was pretty much jonesing for her all week and after waking up yesterday morning and realizing it was the day we were going out, I was excited all day.  I love my time with her when its just us, which is rare it seems.  So I soak it up when I can.  I swear she is the only person I know that when Im around her a whole different side of me comes out.  I talk ninety miles an hour, laugh alot and just get silly.  And I think b/c it is so seldom that we get that time together, that when we do, it just all pours out.  I love it.  I love her.

I was thrilled that some new things came in the mail just in time to wear!  My grandparents gave me a visa giftcard for xmas.  I really had high hopes to save it for dirt.  Im soooo ready to start gardening.  But the shopping bug got the best of me and I scored a group of super lovely clothes.  Couldnt help myself.  I got this lovely sweater top and hi-lo skirt from Forever 21.  And two of my new favorite pieces of artisan jewelry... an arrowhead ring from Moorea Seal and a crystal protector pouch from Spiral Drift.  I just came across this shop b/c the lovey owner was following me on Instagram.  Im so glad I did.  Its soooo good I almost dont want to tell you about it!  You know, like keep it my little secret.  But I love to share the love... so I cant.  Im eyeing several other pieces from her already.  And can I just say... this is a rare gem.  Her packaging blew me away and felt so special.  I try to do this with my packages, so I know the love that goes into it, but this girl almost made me cry with how special it was.  That speaks volumes to me.  The love and craft that goes into her work is soooo apparent.  I kept the stone she sent in the pouch, and I also added a mountain laurel seed since they have special connection to my mother. 
Im still so very much in love with my Blowfish boots... I think I will wear these until they fall apart!!!

Today I must give some love to my house.  Its is that time again.  I think Im going to start by listening to this mix I made a good while back on Grooveshark.