Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium >>>

I had the pleasure the other night to attend Magnolia Pearl's Fashion Show with a sweet friend of mine.  As soon as we walked in and saw the 'catwalk' my jaw dropped in awe.  I feel such a connection with the elements Robin uses.  There were twigs, china berry branches, mason jars filled with beans and tea lights, bird cages, bones...  Truly a work of art, from the clothes, the girls, the atmosphere and music, every part.  And to heighten even more of the senses they served wine and fine chocolate.  A night I wont forget.
These are just a few of the many images I captured from the night.  Im so glad I actually brought my camera.  After the show Staci and I walked down the street to a little wine bar and enjoyed some intimate conversation on a cozy couch.  One great evening.  Thank you.