Dear Sabe, We Love You >>>

Im very sad to say that we lost our sweet Sabe yesterday around 10 in the morning.  After talking to the doctors the night before we were a bit prepared to possibly have to make the decision to take him off the ventilator and let him go.  During the night one of his lungs collapsed.  We think he mentally decided to go before he even made it into the ICU.  Its been a very hard 2 weeks for all of our family, and must of been insanely hard for Sabe.  My nanna and him were married for only 2 years, and it just seems soooo unfair that he had to be pulled away from her so soon.  It was probably the best 2 years of her whole life.  He treated her like she has always deserved to be treated, he adored her.  And she him.  This whole event has just been terribly heartbreaking.  Watching this big strong man wither before our eyes was so hard.  Alot like when my mom was sick.  Its amazing how fast our bodies change once it decides its going to leave us.  Even though it was hard, Im so glad we were all able to be with him, by his side through it all.  Even though he couldnt respond, Im sure he knew we were there.  He left this world with loving hands on him, just like my momma did.  One thing I was wishing so badly this week that my daddy could of felt... but then I was reminded what a private man my dad was, and he probably would of hated people standing over him if he was sick.  I know this.  We will miss this beautiful soul we lost so very much.  I was reminded once again what an amazingly strong woman my Nanna is, and what a caring soul she has.  Watching her hold his hand and talk to him was another one of the most bittersweet moments Ive ever experienced.  She is the ultimate nurturer.  I look up to my Nanna in the biggest way.  I pray she feels the love of this family and finds peace in her heart once again.  I am so blessed to be a part of such a loving family.

Sabe, I love you.