Home Sweet Home - One Year >>>

As of April 11th, we have been in our new home for an entire year! I can hardly believe a year has already gone by. So much has happened in this past year its kind of hard to grasp reality of it all. Its been a very bittersweet year. All in the same year, we had amazing things happen, like buying our very own home and becoming a featured seller on etsy... as well as the monumental sadness of losing my dad, as well as the loss of my Nanna's husband. Its so weird how these things have happened in my life... like losing my mom just 4 months after getting married (and 2 months after my brother had his first child). Almost makes me scared to think what will happen when I have a baby!  Eeekkk... this post was not meant to be sad!  I just cant help but think of these things when I think of the happiness of owning our first (and maybe only) home.  I wish so bad I could share all this beauty with two of the most important people in my life, my parents.  So.... beyond this bittersweetness I wanted to share some of my favorite photos Ive taken so far this past year in our home.  There are so many, it was hard to narrow it down.  Many things have changed already since these were taken, and will continue to change.  Im not one to keep things the same way forever, I love constantly redecorating!

Home Sweet Home.