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Last night we went out with some friends to first friday.  Its been a few years since Ive been.  We saw some interesting art.  I have to admit, Im a bit of an art snob, so it takes alot to really get me excited...  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Then we walked the streets with lots of other random strangers and enjoyed the sights and the little pit stops of people playing music and selling their wears out of the front yards.  In the middle of this big group of people selling your typical street art things, there was a beauty of a girl selling very lovely vintage finds.  I was impressed with the style of things she had found.  Although as badly as I wanted to, I could not buy anything... (we are in a bit of a financial downtime right now due to taxes).  But we had a great time with my bestie and her twin.  Im so glad we went. 

My outfit last night was probably one of the most 'me' feeling outfits Ive ever put together.  I dont wear black very often at all b/c of my two adorable fluffy white babies.  They get hair all over everything.  But some things are just a must have, like this black hi low maxi skirt.  I just have to carry a lint roller in my purse, ha ha! 
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top + skirt + belt + knuckle ring // forever 21
 necklace // roots and feathers
earrings // lost boys & lovers