Picnic Dinner >>>

Last night we bbq'd and had a picnic for dinner.  James surprised me with getting lots of groceries from work before he left.  (this is kind of a big deal, b/c he usually hates spending more than one second longer than he has to at heb).  So I made two of his favorites, chicken sandwiches and corn, which are 100 times better on the grill.  A chicken sandwich is the way to this boys heart, if you can not tell in the pic where he is throwing up his hands... yep, that was after taking a bite!  Violet quietly begged the whole time.  And Bella just laid around the yard and did her own thing like usual.  And I, well I had some yummy dunkel.  And you can see below, on two different occasions yesterday, I caught both of the babies drinking out of the birdbath!  Even if Violet has a fresh bowl of water out there, she still prefers the birdbath.  Probably why we dont get many birds on it!  Oh... and doesnt James look adorable in his new glasses???  His other ones broke, and sadly they dont sell them anymore, but I think we found another winner!
I plan on continuing to enjoy the outdoors this memorial weekend.  I think we are having friends over tonite, so maybe some campfire and river walks.  Fingers crossed.  If not, James and I will by ourselves for sure.  It will be nice to have some down time before tuesday gets here!  We have a big sale going on it our shops this weekend, and its been going great!  Today is the last day to get 30% off of everything!!!  See here for details.