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The other day we decided to go the back way home from town to see if a little local thrift shop was open that weve never been to.  I was thrilled when the sign said open, since almost everytime we drive by its closed.  It was packed full of odds and ends, and millions of your typical thrift store trinkets.  I was soooo excited when I found this top.  James immediately called it a mumu, like he calls alot of things...  really its a womens plus size top that is way too big for me, but you can hardly tell when its belted.  Ive been wearing it around the house like a robe almost everyday since.  Its kind of fun to wear something around like pjs, then throw on some jewelry and shoes and instantly make it a nice comfy outfit!  I found another one that is cream and gold, and really really big, but i love it soooo much!  It was a fun thrift store score day!  It has been so long since Ive been thrifting, it thrilled my soul for the hunt.  And Im so so so in love with Blowfish's Genny wedges.  Are these not amazing?  I cant wait to show you how I styled them in my upcoming project!!!
<<< outfit details >>>
dress // thrifted
earrings // moorea seal
necklace // graceful in bandera
wedges // blowfish shoes

Im still working away at this project.  Im devoting this entire day to try to wrap up as much as I can.  Ill just tell you, it includes a lookbook that has twice the amount of photos than any of my other ones do!  Eeeek!  See you on the flip side!