A Recap of the New Sponsor System >>>

Hello everyone!  Since I switched my sponsor ads over to Passionfruit this month, I have seen a dramatic descrease in inquiries, and I wanted to make sure it wasnt because it was confusing all of a sudden.  I absolutely love working with Passionfruit, so I truly hope I can make this work for you!

Anytime you want to sponsor the blog, just pop on over to my sponsor page.  (You will always find a link to it under my 'links' section on the left hand column, or through a button at the bottom of my current sponsor ads).  It will show you the current availability for each size ad, or when it will next be available.  It will always run for 30 days, regardless of what time of the month you sign up.  All you have to do after payment is upload your button and your link!

Passionfruit accepts other payments besides just Paypal too!  I guarantee you its perfectly safe if that is something that worries you.  And just b/c my ads are run through Passionfruit doesnt mean you cant email me at anytime with any questions about your sponsorship.  Ill always still be here for you.  You can find my email at the bottom of the sponsor info page

I have found Passionfruit to be so extremely helpful and easy to use, so I hope you do too!  And seriously for those of you who have blogs with sponsor spots, or even trade ad spots, this site is for you!  You can import in your own ads that are not paid for, or give someone a coupon code for a free or discounted ad.  It is so wonderful!  And you can set it to automatically rotate your ads with each screenview!  That is what I have done with all of mine except the large solo ad.  If you have any questions along the way, they are right there to help you, live!

I know I already did my sponsor call this month, I just wanted to post a little something more about it just in case anyone was confused, or hesitant to go through this site.  I assure you its awesome and its safe!