Soulful Threads >>>

Its not very often that I share my custom orders here on the blog... but this one is so dear to my heart I felt a yearning to.  I made this little tattered flag for a friend, and it simply turned out to be my favorite flag Ive ever made.  Every inch of this creation is so 'me', and coincidentally was so 'her'... Amazing how two souls can collide over a piece of art.  It has been so long since Ive made these flags... this was an inspiration to me to take the time to create some more.  Once I get past my wholesale orders and can find my way back into the studio with a creative mindset, I intend to.  Ive been itching to do some good soul work in the studio for a while, but I can't allow myself to without squirming until all of the 'business' is taken care of first... And sometimes that is never-ending.  Do any of you ever feel that way?  Im starting to think I should set aside a time amount each day just for new creations, regardless of what else is going on...

Im so honored to know that this little flag sits in a home where it is looked upon with such loving intention and meditation.  Not only is this a compilation of old fabrics, sticks and feathers, it is being a catalyst for spreading love and light onto its beholder, and I couldn't ask for more in any of my creations.