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This girl has not been out of her pj's in a week.  And most days, she didnt even brush her teeth until the afternoon.  Yep.  That was me this week.  Finally today, I decided to come out of my cocoon.  Were just going over to some friend's house, but I felt like putting on some makeup and jewelry and my lovely new Blowfish sandals, and breaking out my camera.  Ive come to realize, that although outfit posts are really just silly ol' things, that sometimes, they really can make a girl feel better.  Sometimes dressing up and feeling your self worth in front of the camera, is good for your soul.  And I definitely feel that the clothes we wrap around our bodies each day have an affect on us, as dumb as that may seem.  It is yet another way of self expression, an artform if you will.  Just another extension of saying how we feel about ourselves.  And when we feel good about ourselves, we tend to do better, feel better, and in turn, treat people better, not to mention treat ourselves better.  I can say, that just by getting myself dressed today, I already feel better.  This can be one of the downfalls of working at home.  You can go days without caring if you are so inclined.  And after a long period, it starts to wear on you everytime you look in the mirror.  So, here is my little pick me up.  To remind myself after a week of feeling really blah, that Im not
 <<< outfit details >>>
feather earring // sea of wild
tee // F21
shorts // gifted
sandals // blowfish shoes

 Today is the LAST day to enter the blowfish giveaway.  Ill announce the winner tomorrow, along with an amazing giveaway from Lost Boys and Lovers.  You wont want to miss it!!!

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