Threads + Blowfish Giveaway Winner >>>

One more outfit post from before dying my hair red!  This was from earlier in the week.  This green top is one of my favorite shirts Ive ever owned.  Ive had it since I was about 15, and its starting to fall apart... But Ive never stopped loving it after all these years.  And I pretty much fell in love with it adorned with one of Lost Boys & Lovers body harnesses.  Putting on one of these harnesses makes you feel like an instant bad-ass.  Im not kidding.  There is something about them that just gives you like on old west dont cross me kind of feel.  Even with dainty florals, feminine sandals and quartz earrings on!  And I never thought this Bird Trouble purple bag would go with so much, but it does!  Its kind of become an extension of myself. 

 I apologize for the delay in bringing you the winner of the blowfish shoes giveaway!  Without further adieu...
please email me at violet_bella at hotmail dot com.

P.S.  thank you so much for all the kind words about my new red hair.  Its funny, b/c Ive dyed my hair almost every color in the past, but since its been pretty natural for so long, it feels so different this time...  Im still not used to it, but Im giving it time.  It really helped to hear so many of you liked it so much, so thank you!

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