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Just a little outfit post from the other day when we went to Kerrville.  I love having jeans for more than 10 years.  They get perfectly worn in, and kind of just feel like home when you put them on.  Even though my weight has fluxuated during the past 10 years (there was a time these would fall off, and there was a time they were too tight)... I still kept them, among many of my favorites, and Im so glad I did.  When I go through periods like that, Ill just pack up my favorites and still them in the garage for a while.  Then when I dig them out later, its like having all new clothes again!  And, if Im having an unwashed messy hair day, this is my go to hat.  I love this hat.  The beautiful trim necklace is from Bohemiantown on etsy :)

P.S. for all of you Blowfish Shoes addicts out there, they are having a massive sale through the 8th.  30% off everything, plus free shipping!  On top of their already drastically cut prices on many of the styles.  You cant beat it!  And today is Moorea Seal's sale on!!!