Himalayan Salt Lamp >>>

My sweet friend Katelyn brought this beautiful himalayan salt lamp to me as a gift when she came to stay with me.  I replaced my bedside lamp with it, and I cant even express what a difference it has made in the atmosphere in my bedroom.  It is soooo beautiful to look, that it just makes my heart swoon.  I love that it is much softer than my normal lamp to read by, so James can actually fall asleep easier while I read.  I like to stay up and read and he snoozes within second of hitting the pillow.  And, James like to lick my lamp.  I licked it once or twice, but he keeps licking it, ha ha.  Beyond its yummy taste, Ive never seen a prettier lamp.  And reading about them, its awesome to know all of their benefits, beyond just their beauty.

Now, between this and having the record player in the bedroom, Id say its just about perfect.  Now I just need to get my Portishead Dummy album on vinyl, and it will be complete.

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