Im so happy the weather has cooled down enough for me to wear these awesome pants from Mountain Girl Clothing.  Ive had them for a while now, but got them in the middle of summer and they were just way too hot.  I love Margaret's work and these are no exception!  And this is the first Poor Pitiful Pearl top I ever got, and is still my favorite piece in my closet from Shauna.  I think these two make the perfect combo.  You might remember this beautiful fringed purse from this outfit.  It's from Lost Boys and Lovers, another true favorite.  The oh so pretty headband is from Spirit Y Sol.  It was a piece from the latest Bohemian Collective lookbook. And last but definitely not least, this handmade medicine pouch from Vision Wise.  Lauren is a sweet heart sister of mine and she made this for me with special stones and medicine for some things Im working through.  I keep it next to my bed when I am not wearing it.  Lauren is the one who runs the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary which I am a part of.  Lots of soul there.  Being in this community of artists sets my heart ablaze.  I love having creative friends I can trade goodies with, and support as well. 

This post is being pre-written right now.  As you are reading this, I am most likely in my backyard spending time with a dear sweet friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a while.  Im savoring every sweet moment.  I will be back monday with yet another amazing giveaway!  And Ill announce the winners for the Chicnova giveaway and the Crochet Headwrap giveaway!

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