Happy Halloween!  For the first time in years, I'm feeling a bit blue on Halloween.  I take that back, last year I did b/c it was my first year without my dad... Halloween was his favorite holiday (as well as mine).  But this year, I guess b/c I have so many new raw emotions going on inside me, I really don't feel it.  I might not dress up tonite, for the first time in... uh, my whole life!  I'm just not sure.  I feel like such a debbie downer lately.  Boo... So, I thought I'd share my costumes from the past 3 years.  And (if) I happen to end up dressing up tonite, then I'll be back with more... I hope everyone enjoys their evening, and of course stays safe!

2009 - Sugar Skull
(This year seems to be the year of the sugar skull, I've seen this costume everywhere this year!)

I waited tables in this costume and had a blast.

2010 - The Bird Keeper
2011 - Gypsy Fortune Teller
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