I have been meeting myself with alot of resistance lately.  I didn't even have a word for it until I was editing this photo for this post.  It just clicked in my mind, and opened my eyes to what it was I was feeling.  For several weeks, or more, I have had some blockages.  I have signed myself up for so many things I wanted to work on.  Soul things, ecourses, yoga and hooping groups, etc.  And each one of those things I made intentions to work on, have come to a screeching halt.  I feel like I have said yes so many times, to just look back and say, damn... another thing I forgot to do.  Or, another thing I felt a resistance with.  The more I think about this word, the more it feels so much deeper than just those little things I sign myself up for.  But it reflects so much into my core being, and feelings, thoughts and beliefs I have held within myself over the past few years, and some over a lifetime.  

I am going to try to hold these spaces in my heart with gentleness, instead of continuing to mentally beat myself up.  The old scars and bruises are no longer working for me.  It's time to cleanse and purge my old thought processes.  Make room for new growth.  Make room for more love.  And I even feel resistance to this as I type these words.

One of my all time favorite quotes has always been one from Leonard Cohen... 'there is a crack in everything.  that's how the light gets in'.  Such a powerful line.  I made a typography several weeks ago, and just shared it on The Bohemian Collective the other day. 

How do you face your own resistance to growth or change?  

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