Earth medicine is a birthright; and we, as women, are healers.  The Apothecary Circle isn't for the casual organic herbal loving lass, although she might love joining in as well!  This yearlong course is designed for the woman who wants to step into the role of being a healer within her home and community.  It is designed for the woman who wants to return to earth medicine, holistic living, and abundant health.  Members have access to a private website with articles, guest writers & teachers, with tutorials and lessons and a point of reference.  This yearlong course has one goal - to uncover the healer within you by building your home apothecary, and to gain the knowledge & confidence to use it.

WHEN // Winter Solstice.  December 21st 2012 - December 21st 2013  (registration closes Dec 20th)
WHERE // Virtual classroom online
SIGNUP // goodearthliving.etsy.com (payment options are available on request)
DISCOUNT // take 15% of with the code HERBS170

  • Monthly lessons & tutorials on herbs, creating tinctures, salves, lip balms, capsules, teas, clays, makeup, mist, perfumes, bath salts, cooking with herbs, raw food / gluten free lifestyles, nutrition and home/folk remedies.
  • Thriving group community
  • Herbal consultations
  • Study of herbs & other holistic approaches
  • Free downloads of over 10 e-books over the course of the year covering topics such as folk recipes, holistic approach to acne and skin problems, managing headaches & migraines naturally,  understanding and beating fatigue, general family health, hydration, nutrition, space clearing, crystal therapy, and holistic wellness.
  • Six virtual ecourses over the course of the year covering detoxing, cleanses, fasting, space clearing, intentions, and more.  Members are required to participate with at least one, but all 6 ecourses/workshops are free and open to members of the Apothecary Circle.
  • Raw food prep & methods
  • Food remedies & nutritional game plans
  • Folk remedies
  • Space clearing
  • Detoxing to cure & fasting
  • Study of essential oils for medicinal properties
  • Blueprint for a physical home apothecary
  • Certificate in Home Apothecary training


Cultivate Balance consultation is a one-on-one effort to establish where you are feeling thin, feeling weak physically, and spiritually depleted.  We'll create a comprehensive approach to carry you through the holidays so you will be getting your basic needs met, nutritionally, physically, and spiritually.  We will start weaving together a daily practice for you; including nutrition, herbal recommendations, and soulwork exercises.  We will use charts, essential oils, pdfs, basic care health recipes, mapping, herbal consultation, and holistic tips to build a foundation of abundant health for the holidays.  We will cover the basic ailments you are currently dealing with, look over your daily schedule, and meal plans; identifying what can be included to enhance your life.

Now for the really good part!  One lucky winner is going to receive a spot in The Apothecary Circle.  If you are already signed up for the class, please enter b/c you will be refunded if you win!!!  Also, Two lucky winners will receive free one-on-one consultations with her Cultivate Balance package!

If you buy either of these courses right now with my discount above, and you end up being the winner, you will be refunded in full!

To enter, simply let me know why you would love to be a part of this amazing class!

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