This morning I just wanted to share some photos of my boy.  After being married for 5+ years, I have shared that our marriage has had its ups and downs, trials, errors, etc... But it has also been filled with alot of love.  The kind of love you must closer into the small things to see through the ordinary.  As Im sure its the same way with many marriages.  When I look at the things he does for me, the ways he stands by my side, the way he learns to grow and open as I do, the way he cares for our animals, the way he takes a stand to take care of things he knows only hurts my heart, the way he wants me to be close to my friends and family, the way he cares for his own family, the way this 33 year old man still needs tender love and care from day to day to feel whole, the way he loves to learn about new things in the world, the way he cares for the less fortunate, the way he allows me to just be me even when he might think Im a bit crazy, the way he encourages me to take care of my well being, and so many other things... reminds me of why I love him.  He has grown so incredibly much since weve been together.  Looking back on the fear he held inside throughout our first two years, and visibly seeing it dissipate has been amazing to watch.  And in turn, watching my own fears lessen and turn into trust as well.  We all come into relationships with our pasts and baggage, and have to learn how to evolve side by side someone foreign, and its not always an easy task.  James and I are polar opposites in our natal birth charts.  And its very apparent in our day to day.  When I can take a step back and really look at how far we have come, and the things we have both learned from each other, I find it remarkable.  It's like taking two ingredients that sound like they would be absolutely horrific tasting in a dish together, and creating a magical meal that you can't even believe both of those ingredients were used.  Yep, kind of like that.  Like apples and bacon... he'd be the bacon ;)  And yeah, we look pretty darn cute together, eh?  I love you James.

p.s.  I love that he is wearing his Skyline Fever shirts in 6 out of 8 of these photos!

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