I thought this monday morning I would start of with sharing something calming and relaxing before I focus on all the needs to be accomplished today.  This was the beautiful sky out at my parents house the other night.  The sky was so beautiful I ran back to the car to grab my camera.  The prettiest part had already past by the time I got back, but I was able to capture the last little bits of the watercolor sky as it was going down.  It was magical.  I have been noticing alot of pink skylines at dusk lately.  Our earth is the most beautiful original art there is.  Amazing.  Its like watching a performing artist, as it changes and molds into something new every few seconds.  I think my favorite place in the world to see the color pink is in the sky.

I feel like my heart could just burst with how much Im going to miss this place once it sells.  I can hardly bare to think about it.  But Im going to stop there, b/c this is suppose to be a peace-full post.  Yes. Much love to everyone today as we carry out our busy mondays, feel the holidays creeping up on us, and all that goes along with that.  Let's try to carry some peace in our hearts and minds as we go about our day.  Take time to stop and breathe as you can.  Take time to stop and notice the little moments.  Walk away and stare out a window for a moment if that is all you can get around to doing.  Or when nightime comes, do something to center yourself back with the earth before you crawl into bed.  

It's going to freeze tonite in the hillcountry!  So you can bet we will be building fires all night and drinking some hot chocolate. 

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