dreamcatcher by spirit tribe.JPG

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting my friend Takoda from Spirit Tribe in the flesh.  She was coming to Texas for a wedding and we were able to get together yesterday morning.  She was just as beautiful (actually... more beautiful) as I imagined her to be.  We talked for about 10 minutes on my sidewalk before we even made it through the front door, and once we got inside we talked so much time got away from her and she had to rush out the door, and I realized I didn't even get to show her around the whole house or even my studio!  Ha!  Which is totally okay b/c that means we were just very engaged in each other which is whats it all about anyway.  It was a joy to meet her and I can't wait to one day venture out to Santa Fe... She hand delivered a few pieces I'll be featuring in an upcoming Bohemian Collective shoot, and the dreamcatcher above is one of them.  It is soooooo stunning in person, I can't even explain.  She used my birthstones and the colors and vibe of it could not feel any better and closer to my heart if she tried.  And I love that it is almost as tall as I am!   

I'm so happy I said yes to meeting her.  In all honesty I get super high anxiety when I meet new people, or even see people I love dearly that I haven't seen in a long time.  I can be pretty good at making up excuses b/c of my anxiety... so it was good for me to say yes with no hesitation!  I feel blessed to call Takoda my friend and it felt so good to have her in my home space...