painted eagle wall.JPG

I just wanted to share this photo b/c I think it's rad.  This is a wall in Kerrville, and I always see it but I finally decided to take my picture next to this big guy.   

The eagle brings us into new awareness through flight, showing us to see a higher perspective and new way off seeing.  As well as using our timing and accuracy to grasp what we are after before it is gone.  It is a visionary, expanding our spirit and asking us to go deeper into our quest.  To involve ourselves in acting upon our missions.  Also to look to see if we are in balance, or our of balance in our lives.  It gives us faith in the healing process, whether its physical or emotional.  It reminds us that we have the freedom to choose our own paths, and to respect that in others as well.  It shows us to be courageous in the face of our fears, to expand our spiritual awareness and to learn that the good and bad in life both have its place to create balance. 

So many strong messages this sacred animal brings.  I'm glad I decided to stop for this photo even if just to bring this awareness back into focus in my own life.