holiday wishlist on roots and feathers

1. Fringe Sweater // Spell & The Gypsy Collective
2. Breastplate Necklace // Aurora Shadow
3. Hair Powder // Lulu Organics (Lavendar + Clary Sage)
4. Red Headed Stranger Shirt // Michelle Brusegaard
5. Whiskey Me Away Print // Perrodin Supply Co
6. Arrowhead Cuff // Evidence Jewelry
7. Moon Ring // Star Native
8. Bufallo Tee // Gnom Enterprises
9. Feather Kimono // Frolic Apparel
10. Tarot Deck & Guidebook // The Wild Unknown

Just a few things that have been on my wishlist...  James keeps asking me when I'm going to post my wishlist, so I decided to go ahead at do so.  All handmade & small business.  I recommend all of these artists above, so use this as a gift guide for this holiday season.  I plan on doing all handmade crafts + buying from small businesses like these for everyone for christmas.  Do you have any suggestions for handmade holiday gifts?