cow skull and dreamcatcher rootsandfeathers.com
bob dylan hat rootsandfeathers.com
pretty girl in magazine rootsandfeathers.com
twinkle lights and macrame windchime rootsandfeathers.com
seashell collection rootsandfeathers.com
lounging kitty rootsandfeathers.com
studio inspiration rootsandfeathers.com
triangle shelf rootsandfeathers.com
moon dreamcatcher jewelry rootsandfeathers.com
vintage scarves and purse rootsandfeathers.com

1. Found a new home for my dreamcatcher from Spirit Tribe.
2. My newly thrifted 'dylan' hat.
3. Pretty Free People magazine rip out.
4. My bedroom, I love the twinkle lights next to the Sun & Glory macrame mobile.
5. Seashell collection.
6. Bella lounging in the studio.
7. Roots and Feathers jewelry hanging on my inspo board.
8. My newly thrifted triangle shelf... This is part of my special space next to my bed.
9. Roots and Feathers pretties that went to new homes.
10. Thrift scores, pretty scarves and a leather tooled purse.