Today I am welcoming my sponsor Maria Channeling to share some thoughts with you.  Enjoy! 

This is an except from a Zurac chat, where he’s addressing the concept of feeling driven to assist others:

“... there are many messages received from many different sources about perhaps, I will use this word ‘should,’ what one should be doing. I encourage you to remember, to recognize that assisting others can come in very many different packages. There are perhaps some very obvious methods of assisting others... However, also remembering that simply smiling at someone who is not smiling can be, I will say, this can be a blip in their day. This can be something that creates a tiny shift for them that will then have a domino effect of tiny shifts. This does not necessarily have to be the most wonderful thing that has ever been done for a person. However, these small things add up. This is a very important; I will say a bit of an undervalued behavior. People are often friendly for the sake of being friendly or because it is considered that this is simply what is done. This is what is polite. It is not necessarily about taking the step to be more polite than one already is. Rather, it is about taking the step to be conscious of what perhaps this politeness is accomplishing, that this is more than simply what is done because you are at the store and this is how you behave with other people when you are at the store. It is recognizing that you are taking the time to connect with another at a level that is more than superficial, at a level that is, I will say, energetic in nature, in regards to the fact that you recognize them as a being.  

All beings have struggles. All beings have happiness. All beings have health, be it poor or good. There are things that are shared among all of you. You are all individuals and have special pieces to you, as well. However, there is a shared aspect to being human that you all have. The extra step is simply remembering that this person across the counter from you or next to you on the bus is human, in regards to... I would like to say this is a recognition that many people do not often receive. This is a deep form of kindness to be seen in this way. It's a moment of seeing someone without judgment, without caring that perhaps they were not very nice to you, or without caring that you do not like the color of their shirt, for example. It is a kindness to, for a moment, see them as a being and recognize them, and I will say, energetically inform them of this. This is something that all can do that will, as I said, create perhaps a very tiny domino effect. However... these things add up.”

And December’s outlook from Zurac:

“Yes, take a deep breath. You may have had quite a lot, emotionally speaking, on your plate last month. This may continue into the earliest part of December. However, then, you will experience a bit of a letdown. There will be less “old” rising to the surface. However, instead of this feeling like a relief, it may feel a bit like something is missing. This is because you have achieved some release of the old, and you have not yet, I will say, grown accustomed to what the “new” feels like. You understand, old belief systems, while often not particularly pleasant, are still very familiar, and can still feel like “friends” of  a sort. This may be a time where you are experiencing the loss of these “friends.”  

 “It is important to recognize this is what is happening, and to consider yourself a bit in transition, and to recognize that your new version of this life experience is just around the corner. This transition will not take long. It is a good time to ease off pressures on yourself; pressures to perform, or to look or act in a certain way. It’s a great time to be especially kind to yourself while you transition.  

 “Also, take the opportunity to consider what you want the new version of your life to look like. This will assist in creating new beliefs, instead of perhaps falling back into the old ones, which can occur. Energetic release is a wonderful experience. However, falling right back into old thought patterns or behaviors can encourage the, re-growth, I will say, of these belief patterns. Consciously considering what you’d like life to be like assists in forming what I will call new, more affirmative belief patterns. Spend some time on this, this month.”

Find more of Maria Moraca here.   She channels an entity named Zurac who excels at offering insight. He’s here to assist you in clarifying YOUR path and empowering you on your journey.