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This is my nephew Aiden.  My favorite boy in the world.  It has been such a rad thing to watch him grow into his own.  And he is quite the little munchkin.  A huge personality.  He thinks the funniest thing in the world is farts (especially if he gets to land one right on you), and to tell little white lies, followed by the most insanely cute face saying 'nah... just kiddin'.  Like father like son.  My brother and him are two peas in a pod. 

Almost everytime I see Aiden, he likes to play with my phone and take silly photos.  So I thought Id share some of them here on the blog.  He is the worlds best poser.  You dont have to tell him a thing.  Each time he hears the camera click, he strikes a new pose, ready for the next one.  And yesterday we got to witness his 'shake yo booty' dance.  It was hilarious! 

We went out last night to celebrate my aunt's birthday (my mamas sister).  And the restaurant of our choice was going to be a huge wait, so we went down the road for something else and it ended up being the perfect place for Aiden.  They had peanuts all over the floor and the waiter said it was okay for Aiden to throw the peanuts.  So, he got to throw peanuts at his uncle James across the table all night.  He was delighted. 

I love this little booger.