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outfit details: stones shirt - sheinside // jeans - ? had them forever // boots - from high school // bracelets - moorea seal

The Rolling Stones.  They remind me of junior high/ high school days.  I guess b/c that is when I really got into them for the first time.  My parents were not big stones fans.  I think they liked them, but just didn't really listen to them alot.  Im thinking they were a bit too rock for them.  But I remember fond memories of me and my friend Rebekah listening to them in our youth, and Ive been a fan ever since.  Seeming them a few years back in concert was quite an experience.  My father in law is in love (obsessed) with them.  James name was almost Mick, if that gives you an idea ;)  And James old bedroom is now his dad's Rolling Stones room.  Its so cool.  He has framed all his old concert shirts, some going way back to his early twenties, and hung them on the wall.  It even has a white shag rug in the middle of the room to lay on and listen to records.  I love it.

Wearing this shirt with these boots a friends gave me in high school brought me right back.  In a strange way.  In junior high and part of high school I was pretty dark, and wore alot of black.  Alot.  I need to dig up some old photos.  I love to see the evolution of being through style, b/c I think our style really reflects alot about us.

And yeah, I had some crazy hair here.  A mind of its own apparently.