1. I received the most amazing crystal infused lotion from Gypsy Moth Sol in the mail the other day.  Im tellin' ya, this is good shit.  Like, the best lotion ever.  Im so in love.  And her packaging just makes it a million times sweeter, its so beautiful!  (Katelyn is currently having this wonderful donation in her shop: Donating 25% of proceeds from orders placed between now and May 28th to both the Oklahoma Humane Society and The American Red Cross. (50% donated in total)

2. Having fun in my new thrifted skirt and Blowfish wedges.  (Blowfish is currently having a 25% off + free shipping sale!!!)

3. Good ol' Dylan, never lets me down.

4. Nico!  I rarely get photos of Nico, so I had to share.  Isn't he the cutest damn thing?

5. Violet.  Oh my, this pup.  I love her face in this photo.

6. The beautiful red poof was a gift from Kinsey from her trip to India, and I finally found enough fabric to stuff it with.  I adore it so much.  Such a thoughtful gift to bring all the way back across the globe!  xo  And I redecorated my window corner and it is so peaceful now!

7. Shake.  I can't even tell you how many shakes Ive had over the past 10 days from my fast.  And Im having another one right now as I type this.  The fast has ended now.  Im so glad I did it and did not cave!  Such a wonderful experience.

8. While I was cleaning out my studio I found this old drawing I did, my freshman year of high school.  I still love her so much.  I hung her up in my new studio space!

9. The studio 'pre' makeover.  Im so excited about my new space.  I spent 3 solid 12 hour days decluttering, tearing down, and redoing my studio.  I love it!

10. Bella, laying in my Manifesting Abundance space.  james and I keep joking about how she is manifesting for us.  She loves this spot!