I'm pretty sure this is my first ever no-makeup outfit post.  Ill be the first to admit, I don't usually feel comfortable in my own skin without makeup.  I hate that, but it's true.  I'm pretty sure it stems from generations of women in my family who would not leave the house without it.  Something I want to work on.  But it's hard for me, b/c I don't see myself the same in the mirror most days.  I don't have the same level of confidence without it.  Sad, isnt it?  But its the honest truth.  So, here I am.  Learning to let go.

Did you notice those beautiful bracelets???  They are named after me!  Pretty darn excited about it.  Ettika contacted me a few weeks ago about wanting to create a bracelet stack named after Roots and Feathers.  I got to pick out three bracelets to design the 'stack'.  It is now sold in their shop as the Roots and Feathers Stack.  How cool is that?   I love that they are adjustable.  I have tiny wrists so many bracelets don't fit me well.  I think the ones I picked out look great together!  They were kind enough to even send me the stack I picked out, so here they are in person.  Pretty sure these are going to be on my wrists all summer.

Bella decided to join me today for my outfit post.  Im pretty sure I was more excited about that then she was, but that's okay.  I was working on piecing together a look for an upcoming lookbook shoot with the bohemian collective, so some of these pieces are making sneak peeks.  I can't wait to get back in action with the collective.  Although this summer heat has not been that encouraging to get out in.  But soon... a new shoot will be happening! 


outfit details: tank top + barefoot sandals - run with the tribe // bandeau - little wing apparel // bracelets - ettika // long seashell necklace - soulmakes (you must check out their new lookbook) // amber necklace - full moon mothering // sandals - my mamas