Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with James parents.  We went to a mexican restaurant that none of us had been to before.  We had the yummiest coconut rum and cranberry drinks, and their homeade corn tortillas were to die for.  And for my birthday they all came by as sang to me and adorned me with this huge hat.  It was fun.  And we got free sopapillas!!!  It was a nice time and Im so glad we went out. 


Then his parents needed to pick up a few things so we went to the new heb and James dad was so excited to show me around in there.  It was so cute.  I bought myself some flowers and whiskey as a birthday gift to myself.  Im a happy camper. 

When we got home, James and I took Violet down to the river.  Ill post some photos soon.  She loves it down there.   

Im excited, in two days one of my besties, Katelyn will be here to visit!  And then we get to party again!  I hope I never get tired of birthdays.