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his and hers rope sandals.png
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outfit details:

james: shirt - skyline fever // jeans - american eagle // shoes c/o ropesouls

laura: crochet top - the universal mind // crochet vest - f21 // shorts c/o sheinside // hat - // shoes c/o ropesouls // eagle necklace - roots and feathers // long deerskin necklace - sun & glory // bracelets - spiral drift + moorea seal 


I'm pretty darn excited about this outfit post b/c James is in it too!  The sweet Kylee from Ropesouls sent us both a pair of their handmade rope sandals to try out, so we thought it would be fun to style them up together!  I love the idea behind their company, changing lives through the creation of their shoes.  Read more about it here.  And read about their current project bringing jobs to Ethiopia here.  I think it is pretty rad what they are doing.

We took these down by our second private river spot in our subdivision, and were super sad to see the water was so low down there.  One of the deepest spots and it's already so low you don't really want to get in.  Luckily our river spots are still so beautiful just to go on nature walks, so even without the water its beautiful.  But man do I dream of the summers we used to have growing up here when the river were abundant and flowing and you could tube and rope swing.   

On a random note, I have seen more baby deer this year than ever!  Everywhere I look there is a baby deer, or two!  Almost everyday.  They are just the cutest damn things in the whole world.  I still squeal every time I see one.  I wish so badly I could have a mini deer pet!  And yesterday I had a deer come up to my studio window while I was working in there and peek in very curiously.  It was so cute! 


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