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I know this blog has never been one for DIYS, but I've been daydreaming of a few things Id love to share with you for a while... so I'm thinking of bringing a few DIY type posts here!  I did not intend this to be a diy when I took these photos, so I don't have any of the actual process... but it's simple enough I don't think you need them. 

This was a gift I gave my best friend for her son's birth.  It is his first 'nature collection' of things native to Texas.  I think this would make a really great gift for baby, or just as a keepsake of things from a special trip you may have taken... How fun would it be to have keepsake jars from all of your trips to remember them by! 

nature keepsake jar diy.jpg

- S U P P L Y   L I S T -

old jar (this was a food jar) // leather (or fabric) // scissors // marker // glue // pieces from nature

my nature elements included: feathers, rocks, deerhearts (fossils), seashells, sticks, seeds & bones. 

nature keepsake jar diy.png

 - S T E P S -

1 // collect your items from nature & arrange them in your jar.  i tried to fill my jar with as much intention as possible so that each item was on 'display'.  i also packed it as full as possible to keep all the items from shifting around alot.  you could size your bottle according to the amount of items you have to fill it with.   

2 // trace your jar lid on the backside of your leather or fabric and cut it out.  you may want to write on it before gluing it on, just in case you mess up and want to start over.  you could write a name on it if it's a gift, or you could title it for your 'trip' and add a date to it!  get creative and decorate it however you see fit.  if you are using fabric, you could even embroider a name on it.

3 // cut out a strip of leather or fabric that is longer than the circumference of your lid. 

4 // glue your fabric to the top of your lid & tie your strip around the jar.  i tried making my strip thick enough of cover the jar lid as much as i could.  i also glued it in place over the lid since it was for a baby gift, which makes it unable to be opened until mom decides he is old enough to play with the items inside. 

nature keepsake jar diy.jpg
nature keepsake jar diy.jpg

If you decide to make one, I would LOVE to see a photo!  Enjoy!