2014 words

Choosing my word for the year has been a bit more challenging than I thought.  I could not narrow it down, so I finally decided, I did not need to narrow it down.  There are no rules to this thing.  Last year my word was CULTIVATE.  It was a very broad work encompassing alot of aspects of life, mainly focusing on connections, healing, self love and more. I feel like last year was a very transformational year, with a great deal of healing occurring.  I unearthed alot of layers of self, found many wounds that needed attention, came across old bones that I thought were buried, found myself lost, uncertain, on the verge of breakdowns, along side tremendous moments of grace, feeling held and seen, self forgiveness and breaths of fresh air in relationship. 

This year, my words are GUIDE, NOURISH, HOME, FERTILE & VISION.  And this is how I see each of their presences in my life this year...

GUIDE // This word came to me a few times through tarot readings, wishing to connect with my parents spirits in a new way, finding two lapis lazuli stones that have become my 'mother' & 'father' companions in my personal spirit work, desiring to find some animal medicine to work closely with this year and in general opening up to a deeper connection to spirit.  I feel a motherly sense to this word, with a grandmothers wisdom.

NOURISH // This is a big one for me this year.  This is one I held high on my lists all last year as a priority, and always allowed myself to get in the way.  I want to nourish my body.  For my self, my happiness, my aging, my future child and more.  I want to treat myself with a massive amount of self care from the inside out.  Ways in which I would like to take care of myself are:

     - eat well, stay hydrated, do lots of yoga, exercise, take my vitamins, spend alot more time outdoors, ride my bike, take walks, say nice to things to my body, dance, hoop, seasonal cleanses, spend more time in the kitchen (planning meals, trying new things and learning new ways of cooking), rest (allowing myself to stop working, or gasp... have weekends)

HOME // This year is going to be difficult, b/c we most likely will be selling my parents home (fingers crossed it sells that quickly).  As much as I do not want to let it go, it is what is in the cards, and the sooner it happens, the sooner I can move on with my life in that way.  I have had such an attachment to it, that I have allowed myself to be held back with our own home.  I want to spend time this year really loving on our home... improving our backyard, renovating little things, (hopefully) preparing a nursery, etc.  Really allowing myself to be fully immersed in this house.  I feel like I always have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, especially with this house.  But I need to be in the present with it, no matter if we stay here or not.  Also in this category, is a bit of relationship stuff too.  I want to create more home environment to bring James and I closer this year. 

FERTILE // This was going to be my word for the year, but I felt like it didn't sum it all up good enough.  To me this represents so much more than just being fertile for a child, although that is one thing on the wishlist.  I want to be fertile for new opportunity, new growth, new friendships, new ways of loving, creating a child, spiritual growth, and so much more.  I feel like the word Nourish ties into this so well, b/c this is how I will be opening myself up to becoming fertile, by taking true care of myself. 

VISION //  This word was the card I drew for my 2014 overall theme.  It also came to me 3 times in the month of December during some very intense readings.  Vision quest.  Spending good time alone, with silence, going within, working with my spirit guides, and allowing the visions to come.  Honestly, this word is too big for me to define at the moment, so I will just leave it at that.

Have you chosen a word for year?  I'd love to know what you chose if so.  Sometimes hearing others words can help us to care for ourselves in those ways too...