spell kimono.png
spell kimono 2.png

outfit details: kimono - spell // tshirt + hat - f21 // velvet skinnies - threadsence // moccs - minnetonka // necklace + ring // roots and feathers

This outfit kind of encompasses all of my favorite things in one... kimonos, cozy tshirts, skinny pants, moccs, hats, and jewelry.  Cozy, casual and fun.  I could wear a variation of this outfit just about everyday. 

Just as I was getting really excited that spring was just about here (a little early i know) it decided to go from beautiful sunny 70's to below freezing here in Texas.  The roads are all iced over and all the birdies are huddled up somewhere safe.  And from what I hear it is only going to get colder and colder this week.  I guess its okay for me since I will most likely be locked in doors anyway since I have so much work to do on orders (not complaining, totally blessed!!!)... so at least I don't have to be working inside wishing so bad I was outside playing!  Maybe I can really get in some good catch up so when the sun does decide to make its appearance again Ill be ready to soak her up!

The necklace I am wearing is one of the newbies in the shop.  I have been successfully keeping my goal so far this year of taking photos and sharing them on instagram as I create things and then getting them listed within a day or two.  It has changed my work flow so much and I'm loving it.  Before I would dread listing items b/c I would wait to list them all at once and would have like 40-50 things to list at a time.  And to photograph and edit and a time.  So by making this goal of listing as I go in small groups, it has changed my outlook on listing so much!  And its been kind of fun to give yall sneak peeks of things coming soon!  Make sure to follow me over on instagram for those updates!

James and I have also been working on some new Skyline Fever!  Coming very soon hopefully.  This ice cold weather is keeping us from getting outdoors to take rad photos, so I may just snapped some indoor ones... It is also keeping me from finishing up my last two shoots for my Texas Lookbooks this week.  Luckily I have one ready to go soon!

BTW, have you been enjoying the regular posts over at The Bohemian Collective?  So far we have had 3 posts from the contributors and I am just loving it.  Such good variety coming from different perspectives.  This space is going to be so rad. 

P.S. Ill be back in a bit with a new giveaway, so stay posted. xo