Since we are still in the energy of our second beautiful new moon of the year, I spent some time this morning with my New Moon Journal from Aquarius Nation (I love this thing).  I wanted to last night, but after eating three tostados, I was feeling a bit of a food hangover, and James was home with the tv on... so I decided to wait until this morning when I had nothing but the quiet silence of the early morning.  There is such a special feeling around a new moon.  I'm a list and goal oriented person (even though I'm too scatter brained to remember to look at them after making them)... but the intention is there... and something about physically writing things down in this manner tend to make them stick for me.  Plus I get to reflect back when I sit down to make my next new moon intentions, and see which ones have already manifested, or which ones are the works, or which ones are still taking time to grow...  Such a fun process!

I have been working my little tail off this month, and I have decided to take some time off this weekend to clean my house and get things back in order.  Create new space that feels alive again.  And I think Im going to start that process today. 

Happy New Moon!  (for info on this moons energy check out this post on the bohemian collective)