outfit details:  hat - lulu* // hatband + necklace - roots and feathers // sweater - sheinside // shirt - forever21 // jeans - ae // boots - chicwish // rings - star native + twisted whimsy + laurel hill

James has been off work this week.  He took some time off he had stored up from work for his birthday.  Its been really nice, waking up with him home, having fires in the morning, drinking coffee together...  The other day we went on a shopping date together.  We had a few gift cards from the holidays so we went to town just to shop, which is something that rarely ever happens!  Usually its just for groceries.  It ended up being the coldest day weve had so far, but it was so nice to get out of the house.  I actually ended up getting grumpy after the first store (best buy)... that place does something to me.  The lights or something, I always leave grumpy.  Ha ha.  (can you say pms??)  Or maybe it really is just that place.  Probably all of the electrical gadgets and bright lights turned on all at once, complete overload and it makes my body start malfuntioning... (just a fun little tidbit you didn't know about me)...

SO, in other news, I am so excited b/c I am redoing The Bohemian Collective blog (again)!  It will be up in a few days, along with a brand new lookbook that has been in the works.  There will be a few new regular contributing editors too, so there will actually be blog updates a few times a week from now on!  So stoked!  Ive been kind of sad about that blog for about a year now b/c I have not been able to give it the love and attention it deserves by myself, so this is going to be such a huge thing for me! 

Today we have our first appointment with our realtor about selling my parents house.  I can do this... I can do this... I can do this...