I love today's post b/c it is so full of LIFE.  I had a very fulfilling weekend.  The first few pics are from our friend Jonny's birthday.  My scorpio friend turned 26.  It had actually been a whole damn year since the last time we had been out to his house.  This past year has kept us both very busy and life had made some twists and turns, but it was so nice to be out there again in the hills of Tarpley, surrounded by good friends, and enjoying each other like old times.  It was such a good and needed night.  Oh, and I fell in love with a girl that night.  See that beautiful brown haired sweetheart in my lap?  Her name is Pancake.  And it was love at first sight...  Oh, and we had a dance party, which basically consisted of me, Jonny & his mom while everyone else watched, like always.  Except his cousin joined us for a few songs with some really rad moves, it was awesome. 

The next night I had a date with my bestie.  We went to one of our local honky tonk bars to listen to some friends of our play their beautiful music, drink a few beers and just be with each other.  Shortly after being there the cutest little old man (must of been in his 90's) asked us to dance.  At first we sadly turned him down out pure fear of dancing.  We both get super shy about it and have turned down plenty of men during our outings, usually never batting an eye at saying no.  But this 'no' crushed our hearts.  Well... 2 songs later he got the courage to ask again, and I couldn't say no this time.  I was terrified and had no idea what I was doing, but I'm so glad I did it.  We were the only ones on the dance floor and he showed me what to do.  I think we both gifted each other a little something that night.  I'll never forget the look in his eyes.

After sleeping in the next day, James and I went to our local antique shop.  Always one of my favorite things to do.  I found a beautiful vintage belt & a free people top for $12!  Score.

Then on sunday we went to the city to celebrate my nephew turning 7.  He was so cute the whole night and had a blast at his party.  It was just family, no other kids, and he didn't mind a bit.  He loves to be with his family and gets so excited for each person who shows up.  And he was my hero.  He was shooting nerf darts with James, and when James tried to shoot me he ran over and stood front of me with his arms wide open shouting 'Don't shoot aunt Laura!  I loooooveeeee her!!!!'  ha ha, it was so cute.  He is my little monkey.

The last pic is just a pic of my sexy husband, just b/c he is sexy.  ;)