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My moments on the blog have been sparse this month.  I still feel like I am in such a period of re-evaluation, but right now I am at the place of no movement.  I know this spot will quickly pass, as all do.  I was at the home-stretch of getting my house completely reorganized and decluttered and then I just stopped.  I lost all motivation.  My laundry has sat in a huge pile on the floor by the bay window for two weeks now, just growing and growing.  And I could say that about every other corner of the house too. 

I had a couple day burst of brand new inspiration for my shop, I made so many new pretties, I got the idea to shift my whole shop over to this website here instead of etsy, I rephotographed everything I had in stock + the new stuff, uploaded it all to the site and got ready for a new launch.  I did a test purchase with myself and quickly realized the move I made was not the right one.  The process of getting an order in and shipping it is not nearly as easy as etsy, on top of not being able to connect paypal.  So, now I must put all that work back into my etsy shop for now until a better solution comes along.  It's not that I don't love etsy, it is actually a really great place to sell, I just wanted my own pretty store front right here on my website, to have everything all in one place.  I guess if Squarespace changes a few things, like adding Paypal options, and more streamlined, quick & easy shipping processes then Ill reconsider.  I must say though that my excitement waned a bit about my shop.  I guess after getting pumped for a big fresh new change like that and then just ending up right back where you were, was a little disappointing.  Plus knowing that all that time I spent was almost for nothing.  BUT I am just in need of a little change in attitude... Brush it off, pick myself back up, and move forward.  Maybe some things are just better left as they are.  I will still be changing the way I work and for the time being only offering items that are ready made, one a time. 

via rootsandfeathers.com

Another new point of change, I cut my hair two days ago!  It was dark by the time we got home so all I have is a quick harshly lit bathroom selfie.  But I am loving it!  We cut about 6-7 inches off and it feels so healthy, and THICK for the first time in my life!  I don't normally cut my hair 'blunt' and I have really thin fine hair, so this cut makes it really feel thick and full and healthy.  And now it doesn't turn into a rat's nest when I wake up in the morning, ha ha! 

I know alot of the changes I have made over the past few months are pretty simple.  De-cluttering my home.  Changing my diet.  Cutting my hair.  Changing my website.  Re-thinking how I create my jewelry & what I offer.  But I hope with time and dedication that all of these little changes add up to create a brand new - bad ass year in 2015.  I feel like my life shifted, cracked open, is letting the bad stuff fall through the cracks, and opening me up for new good things to come in.  Who knows, maybe one of those things will be mini sized ;)