I'm so happy to be sharing more of my love for Danmala Teas here today.  A while back I did an ayruvedic consult with her and she created me a custom tea blend for my personal body type and it blew me away with how beautiful and yummy it was, plus I learned alot about my body through the process.  This time, Lindsey sent me a bundle of goodies to try out, and I am over the moon in love with them all.  First of all, lets just talk about how wonderful her packaging is!!!  I love the photo she took of her tea in the astrology tea cup, and then used it for her tea tags!  So genius if you ask me!  All of her extra special touches in her packaging just make you feel like you are receiving so much love.


It is almost unreal how beautiful her teas are... Makes you almost not want to use them b/c they just look so pretty in the little tins... But they are equally as yummy, so its worth it!  My favorite right now is the Moon Nectar blend.


This Lovers tincture is what I was originally after... it was crafted in a very small batch of only a few bottles.  It is meant to be blended in with your teas but it is just as good taken straight.  Reminds me of elderberry syrup which is a favorite around our house.  Ive been showing myself some serious self love with this, the rose quartz and this yummy handmade soap. 

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Ive been drinking her teas in one of my favorite mugs I got from an art student at a local art fair, with a dash of milk and honey.  THIS makes tea a sacred ritual.  Especially when taken with intention and quiet time.