Photo by Laura Mazurek

Hello Spring Equinox...

I have always loved equinox's... I even chose to get married on one.  I have a thing for finding balance, especially in the light and dark of life, so I guess that is why.  The days where the light and dark are in equal proportion to one another.  Both sides of life are so important to us for our personal growth and connection to self. 

I  created this image above a while back to represent coming out of the darkness and growing into pure light... But I think it can also represent the balance of light and dark perfectly too... It was such a fun shoot to create.  It is not that often I set aside time to do creative photoshoots like this just for myself.  They always end up being my most special photographs b/c they came purely for the sake of creating with zero outside agenda or people to please.  These are the best kinds... I need to make more time for this kind of art. 

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