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I have a thing about exploring the world around me in new ways... and one of them is in the itty bitty details.  I love LOOKING CLOSER at things around me and studying their super fine details.  It brings a whole new world to each thing you look at.  One of my favorite places to do this is out in nature.  But for this, I challenged myself to do it within my own home.  I had so much fun exploring things within a distance of no more than an inch away from the object.  I'm going to make this a regular thing to do for myself, to always explore another side of things. 

It has also sparked a side of my photography that I have lost and forgotten about in the midst of my daily photoshoots, lookbooks and jewelry photography.  I know I said MONTHS ago that I wanted to bring back my print shop, and I think this may have re-sparked that again... but with a new vision.  I'm not sure I want to bring back all my old photos I used to have in my shop... but mainly new ones...

Let me know what you think... does this excite you?  interest you?