Lulu*s Sandals
Coffee & Kitty in the morning
Homeade burgers and fries
Raining on the porch
violet in bed
Bella lounging with the shipping mailers
Pasta with zucchini
Shake for lunch
Bella being silly
Roots and Feathers Gypsy Wall Hanging

This week has been full of furry babies, good food, making orders and rain.  Lots of rain.  We actually got a pretty good flood at the river by our house.  It should be just right to swim in in about a week I'm hoping! 

It's been an emotional week too.  We found out Violet had skin cancer and a few days after that we had her in the vet for surgery.  She is doing really well!  She has to wear a cone collar for two weeks, but we can handle that!  We are just glad we caught it so early. 

Bella has been a goofball all week.  Lots of silly playing.  She has decided the empty cubby above in our shipping mailer area is her new spot to chill while we work on printing shirts.  She gets in it everytime!  So so cute. 

This week we made homeade burgers & fries... blackened salmon salad... pasta with zucchini, asian chicken & rice tacos... mmmmmmm...  And over the weekend we went to a bbq at our friends house and lots of yummy food there too!  Its been a good food week.  :)

I worked on tons of orders for Roots & Feathers after my sale!  Almost done, but still a few I won't be able to get to until I return home from vaca.  I leave today and don't get back till monday evening.  Luckily just I am leaving so James will be home all weekend to take care of Violet! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I have a few posts that will go up over the weekend, I just won't be here to respond.  Peace!