This was a tough a decision, but I decided to temporarily put my Made To Order section on hold in my shop.  This happens to be my favorite sections, with most of my favorite pieces, especially when I get to customize them for you guys!  But lately I have just simply had too much on my plate and I'm going in too many directions to be able to keep up with my orders in a timely manner.  It is not right for me to have offerings available that I cannot keep up with.  So Ive decided when times are too busy, I will be taking these items down, and when I feel like things have freed up a bit, I will return them. 

Right now I am in a busy season of splitting my attention between Roots & Feathers, The Bohemian Collective and Skyline Fever, and all three places have been hoppin' and needing my full attention.  I'm spreading myself too thin I have realized, at least for the time being.  So just bare with me! 

Those of you who I have already told I would create a custom for, don't worry, I will still keep my word!  They may just take a bit longer than usual.  Being in business for yourself and wearing so many hats truly does come with some lessons!